Is prostitution is legal in Turkey?

Is prostitution is legal in Turkey? Discover the legality of prostitution in Turkey. Find out whether this old profession is legal or illegal in the country. Dive into the laws governing prostitution in Turkey.

Is prostitution is legal in Turkey?

In Turkey, prostitution is officially illegal. The Turkish Penal Code criminalizes the act of engaging in prostitution, as well as facilitating or soliciting prostitution. However, the enforcement of these laws is somewhat lax, and prostitution continues to exist in various forms throughout the country.

The legal status of prostitution in Turkey

Prostitution is regulated under Article 227 of the Turkish Penal Code. According to this law, individuals who engage in prostitution can face fines and imprisonment ranging from six months to three years. The same penalties apply to those who facilitate or solicit prostitution.

Prostitution in practice

Despite being illegal, prostitution persists in Turkey, particularly in major cities and tourist destinations. There are numerous brothels, massage parlors, and clandestine operations catering to clients seeking sexual services.

Sex trafficking and exploitation

An unfortunate consequence of the underground nature of prostitution in Turkey is the prevalence of sex trafficking and exploitation. Vulnerable individuals, including women and children, are often lured or forced into the sex trade against their will. This illicit activity contributes to the overall negative perception of prostitution in the country.

Efforts to combat prostitution

The Turkish government has made efforts to combat prostitution and sex trafficking in recent years. Law enforcement agencies conduct regular crackdowns on illegal brothels and establishments involved in prostitution. Non-governmental organizations and support centers also work to provide assistance to individuals who wish to exit the sex trade.

Public opinion and cultural attitudes

In Turkish society, the general attitude towards prostitution is often negative. Many people view it as morally wrong and degrading. However, there are also those who argue for the decriminalization or regulation of prostitution, suggesting that it could reduce the associated risks and provide better protection for those involved.


While prostitution is officially illegal in Turkey, the presence of sex work is still evident in various parts of the country. Efforts to combat prostitution and sex trafficking continue, with a focus on law enforcement actions and support for victims. However, attitudinal changes and potential legal reforms remain topics of ongoing debate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is prostitution legal in Turkey?

No, prostitution is illegal in Turkey.

2. What are the penalties for engaging in prostitution in Turkey?

Engaging in prostitution in Turkey can lead to imprisonment and fines. The penalties vary depending on the circumstances and involvement of third parties.

3. Are there any legal brothels or red-light districts in Turkey?

No, there are no legal brothels or red-light districts in Turkey. Prostitution activities are generally considered illegal regardless of the location.

4. Is there any government regulation or control over prostitution in Turkey?

No, the Turkish government does not regulate or control prostitution. It is considered illegal and efforts are made to combat and prevent such activities.

5. What are the measures taken by the Turkish government to combat prostitution?

The Turkish government has implemented various measures to combat prostitution, such as law enforcement operations targeting brothels, human trafficking prevention programs, and providing support and resources to individuals at risk of entering the sex trade.